About RockShip

Rockship is an early venture in software development building its expertise in FinTech, Messaging & Chat Bot Technology, Data Visualization

We now need an awesome designer to complete our awesome team.

Read on if you love to have some challenges in life.

Responsibilities include:
– Planning site design by clarifying goals; designing functionality;
– Demonstrating and receiving feedback about draft sites;
– Producing products that are user-friendly, effective and appealing;
– Designing sample page layouts including text size and colors.

Working hours
Working hours are flexible and depending on the urgency of projects. Therefore it may involve extra hours in the evenings or on weekends to meet deadlines.


Any with either a creative or technical element would be useful and include:

● Graphic and multimedia web design is greatly needed
● Fine art and digital media production
● Tech Savvy
● Patience
● Attention to detail
● Verbal communication
● Teamwork

Relevant degree subjects may help but your portfolio speaks the loudest.

Send your portfolio to ngoc@rockship.co ASAP and be a part of our team!